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Published: June 12, 2008

Peter G is a keyboardist/Producer hailing form Bris/Aus

Golden Sound presents “Bathing in Goodness”.

The Debut solo CD performed & Produced by Peter g is complete with 11 tracks of “Old School Hi Fidelity Sound”, and is now ready for your listening pleasure!

It has been 3 years in the making, and features guest appearances from a host of talented Australian friends. All production and programming duties where completed by Peter Golikov, and this is his first solo full length production. The Concept behind the record was to bring together and collaborate with all of the talented musicians featured on “Bathing in Goodness”, and create a record with a vintage sound and golden feel.

The opening track titled Steppin on the 1, is a flashback to his Funk/Soul roots, and features the very talented Mr. Laneous on lead Vocals. Check it out on the Site, as a free Download...

After departing his previous group of 7 years PTY LTD, in late 2007, he has set about completing his dream of releasing his own body of work.

“Bathing in Goodness”, features 11 tracks of feel good, golden sound moments, encompassing funk & roots, down tempo, & soul breaks throughout….

The majority of the recording was undertaken at his Golden Sound studios in Brisbane, where the focus is on Vintage instruments and old school sounds. Think Fender Rhodes, Clavinets & Moog Synths, swirling to create a palette of Sonic Richness.

The record would not have been possible without the input of all the musicians involved in the Golden Sound.

Golden Sound's "Bathing in Goodness" Download is now Available through Juno records,

Also in Brisbane through Butter Beats Records City/Valley Stores, and Rocking Horse Records.

See for up to date Gig Listings

"Everybody Loves the Sunshine".................

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Peter Golikov is a Keyboardist/Producer hailing from Brisbane Australia. He began his musical journey in 1986, Studying Classical piano and drums for 10 years. The progression into studios followed, and whilst studying Sound Production in 1995, he began listening to and later playing and performing Jazz Funk Music.

During the last 12 years, he has performed/collaborated with countless Artists/Producers from Australia and Abroad.

Throughout this time he has remained artistically creative, funding tours to America/Katmandu in 2003, releasing 2 Full length Records/ 3 Ep's/ 3 film clips and performing at countless Festivals, incl Good Vibrations, Falls Festival, & Woodford, over the last 7 years with his Previous Band PTY LTD.

His solo Keyboard work, which he is now focusing on, has appeared on previous JJJ's Groove Train CD's /The H Foundation's Environments cd and more recently the Beach Suite comp, created by Sharif Galal.

He has performed live with Byron Bay’s own Junk Beats, The Feelgoods and recently the Beautiful Girls, to name a few.

He is also a Percussionist, providing sessions and lessons, whilst being the resident percussionist @ Family Brisbane, since it’s opening.

Golden Sound is a vision created by Peter Golikov, 7 years ago, with the Focus being to produce a record, that encompasses fellow Talented Musicians, to create a body of Work that "Bathes Golden Rays of Sunshine on all those that Witness it".

He has produced/performed most of the instruments on the recording's, with Guest musicians appearing throughout the Recording.

The majority of the Tracking has been undertaken at his Golden Sound Studio's, where the Focus is on Vintage/classic Instruments and sounds. Think Fender Rhodes/Clavinets/Hammond Organ's and Moog Synth's, swirling to create a palette of Sonic Richness.

The record “Bathing in Goodness”, is now complete, it has seen Peter g handling all production and Engineering duties.


Dave Orr: Guitar
Nick Aggs: Sax
Hayden Andrews: vox (Cosmic Loungin/ Play it)
Mr Laneous: vox (Stepping on the 1/Welcome to the Room)
Anthony Forrester: Outro Vox: Comin Down
BV’s: Joy Voeith/Ange Ambrose/Taylor/Cat Walker
Graham Hamilton: dub Vox (Comin Down)
Peter Hunt: Vox (up to the Sky)
River Petein : Sax (Play it)
Kym Ambrose: Vibes
Krysten Haynes: Vox (Taste and see)

THE OUTFIT: “Always Steppin’ on the 1”
His new Live group “The Outfit”, established in 2007, is the fresh new live project for Peter G

The focus of The Outfit is to bring to the Bandstand, the finest musicians, and pay Respect to the movement of JAZZ/Funk/Roots music reminiscent of the 60’ and 70’s. The outfit are J.B’s /Hancock/Deodato inspired Cosmic Keyboard Sounds cape’s.

It’s all about the old School, with Spaced out Synth’s/Fender Rhodes and Clavinets all in the mix. “It Bathes Golden beams of Sunshine on all those that are able to witness it” G

The group consists of the coolest cats on the street, cookin up a stew of Soul Food, for your aural pleasure.

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The Outfit

Peter Golikov - Keys (PTY LTD/Feelgoods)
Mark Henman - Drums (Afro Dizzi Act, View from Madeleine's Couch, Resin Dogs)
Chris Bosley - Bass (The Informants, Resin Dogs)
David Orr - Guitar (Hip Pocket)
Nick Aggs - Sax (Afro Dizzi Act, Neighborhood Groove Collective)
Shannon Marshall - Trumpet
Julien Love - Percussion (PTY LTD)
Special guests
Mr Lanoeus- Guest Vocalist (Kafka, Mr Laneous)
Hayden Andrews - Guest Vocalist (Dub Doubt)
Mitch Ruggles: Bass

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Supastrut Self Titled EP Independent
Capital Y Whats up Traffic E.P Independent
Capital Y: Independent Grooves from the Red Balloon EP
The Camel Rider - Addicted
(Marco Demark Pacha Remix) (Wasted Youth Music 2007)
The Stafford Brothers - Give Love
(Marco Demark Dirty Mix) (Central Station 2007)
The Stafford Brothers - Like your way
(Marco Demark Remix) (Central Station 2007)
Grooveyard - Seven Mile
(Marco Demark Dirty Mix) (Ministry Of Sound 2007)
Pty Ltd ft. Latrice Barnett - Hear you calling
(Marco Demark Remix 2006)

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